Maine Charter School Commission Meeting - July 2, 2013


The Maine Charter School Commission held a meeting on July 2, 2013, at the Cross State Office Building, 111 Sewall Street, Augusta, ME.


Chair, Jana Lapoint called the meeting to order at 9:11 a.m.

The following members were present: Dick Barnes, John Bird, Jana Lapoint, Shelley Reed, Heidi Sampson, Ande Smith.

William Shuttleworth – excused.

Also present: Bob Kautz, executive director; Deanne Lavallee, administrative assistant.

Attendees: Judith Jones (MACS); Noel Gallagher (Portland Press Herald)




It was moved by John Bird, seconded by Shelley Reed, and unanimously voted by those present to approve the meeting minutes from June 4, 2013.


A. Chair, Jana Lapoint:

  1. Jana requested receipt of the evaluations from Commission Members. She will coordinate the information.
  2. One application received for Commission member opening.  Jana encouraged Commission members to help with recruitment of applicants.
  3. Update on Baxter Academy: Line of credit approved for $250,000 from Bangor Savings.  They have a scheduled fundraiser on July 25th at Delorme.
  4. Heide gave an update on Harpswell: a lease for one year for the school has been agreed to.  Special education contract with SAD 75 has been approved.

B. Vice Chair: None

C. Executive Director:

  1. Cornville non-material amendment for Early-release Wednesdays reveiwed with the Commission for information purposes.
  2. A status report on the LD's that might impact charter schools was reviewed and discussed.  The Commission discussed the positive impact that resulted from Commission represention before the legislature.
  3. Monitoring Review for MeANS - the date established is August 14.
  4. Approved FY 14 BUdget - Review the status.  It appears to have been funded as budgeted.  Also, it would allow Commission Members to begin receiving per diem.  Bob Kautz recommends the approval of a procedure as to how payment of per diem would be distributed.


A. Cornville Regional Charter School June 20th Review - Shelley discussed the process of the review, the members of the team and an overview of the information provided.  She discussed the interviews conducted.  Cornville was well organized and prepared for the meeting.

B. Election of Chair - Jana turned the meeting over to Dick Barnes.

  • Nominations for Chair opened.
  • Dick Barnes nominated Jana Lapoint as Chair of the Maine Charter School Commission; seconded by John Bird.
  • No further nominations - nominations closed.
  • Unanimously voted by those present.

C. Election of Vice Chair

  • Nominations for Vice Chair opened.
  • John bird nominated Shelley Reed as Vice Chair of the Main Charter School Commission; seconded by Heidi Sampson.
  • No further nominations - nominations closed.
  • Unanimously voted by those present.

D. Jana read William Shuttleworth's Letter of Resignation from the Commission and presented the plaque that would be mailed to William du to his absense.

June 17, 2013


Dear Jana,


With deep regret, I am submitting my resignation as one of the original members of the Maine Charter School Commission, effective  August 1, 2013. I have assumed additional leadership as superintendent of schools for Jonesport, Beals and Cherryfield that will take me to the Downeast and consume a great deal of my professional attention. It is not my nature to give anything less than a 110% on any project and I fear the challenges before the Charter Commission require no less than this effort.  


I am proud to have served in the early days of the Maine Charter School Commission and feel we have established wise and lasting practices and procedures to guide the approval process of future schools. Though a public school superintendent, I am passionate that the state supports the innovation that many students and families need that can be manifested in well thought out public charter schools. The state of Maine should embrace charter schools as both an investment in our children, but also as a very tangible economic engine for the state. Great schools will attract families and businesses that recognize that Maine is on the move and an agent of lasting change.


Please know that I have valued the collaborative, sometimes arduous and painstaking work that has been accomplished by this commission. I have always felt that unfiltered dialogue and respectful embracing of differences leads to strong outcomes. That we have one of the highest regarded charter processes in America is a testament to the noble work we have accomplished and I have been privileged to have been part of this work.




William Shuttleworth

Maine Charter School Commission


The Commission expressed regret for his resignation; wishing he was in attendance to be thanked personally. He will be missed.


  • Motion made by Shelley Reed to accept, with regret, William Shuttleworth's Commission Resignation.  Seconded by John Bird. Unanimously voted by those present.

E. The proposed Virtual RFP was reviewed and edited.  A rubric must be developed and a committee will work at it with the Regular RFP.

F. The proposed Regular RFP was reviewed and edited.  A rubric needs to be developed; a sub-committee of Ande Smith, Shelley Reed, Dick Barnes will meet July 22 to develop a draft of the rubric.


The Commission set july 20, 9 a.m. to 12 noon as a special meeting to approve the RFP's and a time line for the RFP application.


Expense Account Vouchers were turned in at the end of the meeting.




Motion to adjourn 1:25 p.m.: Shelley Reed. Seconded: Ande Smith.  Unanimously voted by those present.