Maine Charter School Commission Meeting - January 8, 2013

Workshop Session Agenda

Cross State Office Building
Room 104
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


TO: Members of the Maine Charter School Commission

FROM: Bob Kautz, Executive Director, Jana Lapoint, Chair

DATE: December 27, 2012

RE: January 8, 2013 Maine Charter School Commission Workshop Session

On Tuesday, January 8, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon, at the Cross State Office Building, 111 Sewall Street, Augusta,
Room 500, the Commission will meet in Workshop Session in accordance with the agenda as outlined below:

  • Charter School Applications Reviews:
    • Harpswell Coastal Academy
    • Heartwood Charter School Visual and Performing Arts
    • Maine Connections Academy
    • Maine Virtual Academy
    • Queen City Academy Charter School
  • Pre-opening Plan Review of Dick's changes dated 12-12-12
  • Changes on Chaper 001: Commission Organization and Operation
    • Section 1: Organization  5. Quorum and Voting
    • Section 4: Funding and Expenditures   2. Reimbursement
  •   Changes on chapter 002: Procedures for Commission Authorization of Public Charter Schools
    • Section 2: Issuance of Request for Proposals;  Information  3. Limit on discussion of applications
    • Section 7: Interview and Public Hearing  2. Public hearing on application "geographic"
  • Charter Schools January Monitoring Visits for Cornville Regional Charter School and Maine Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Cornville Regional Charter School enrollment increase
  • Commission position on enrollment flexibility for the charter contract
  • Baxter Application, reconsideration of motion approved at November 16, 2012 meeting

Sarah Forster, Assistant Attorney General, will be present to discuss the charter school applications and the Baxter Academy reconsideration.