Religious and Volunteer Services


Religious programs are offered for all denominations. Activities include church, worship services, bible studies, discussion groups, one-on-one counseling, teaching and instruction. Contemporary religious music concerts are a favorite among the residents, and they regularly observe ceremonies and events that occur throughout the year. Residents also help with the local community food assistance program. Approved volunteers/mentors also assist with weekly biblical studies.

Volunteer Services

The Office of Volunteer Services offers individuals and groups from local communities the opportunity for volunteering their time, talents, and abilities to the facility. All volunteers who wish to interact directly with residents must go through a training process. Many volunteers serve as tutors to residents who have difficulty with school subjects or have special needs. Others act as mentors visiting weekly to play games, share hobbies, and assist the residents in other ways. A clothing project has been established to meet clothing needs of residents for court appearances, pass/leaves, and job interviews.

Individuals and groups interested in learning more about the volunteer programs should contact Deputy Superintendent Boyd Kronholm

You may also want to download a copy of the Resident Handbook. (530kb)