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Five Town Communities That Care

Dalene Dutton, Five Town CTC
PO Box 1135
Rockport, ME 04856
Phone: 236-9800
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STAR (Skills Training And Recognition) is an after school program that is provided to students in grades five through eight from Appleton, Camden, Hope, Lincolnville, and Rockport, Maine.

Working Together to Name a Calf

STAR, a program of Five Town Communities That Care, focuses on skill development, recognizing youth as they learn skills, and connecting youth with opportunities in the larger community.

Since August 2007, STAR has been able to provide programming to 114 unique individuals as a result of funds received from Maine’s JJAG (Juvenile Justice Advisory Group).

The support of local businesses and area volunteers, along with that of JJAG, allows students to attend STAR at no cost.

During the 2007 – 2008 school year, the STAR program has achieved the following:

  • 3 cycles of STAR programming provided to students living in the five-town area
  • 18.5% (114/613) of all students in grades 5-8 have participated in at least one program cycle
  • 39 individuals participating in multiple cycles
  • 31 community members trained in the STAR model (Social Development Strategy)
  • Maintained or established partnerships with 16 community agencies and/or businesses

Two Girls Glad to be Sewing

Sew Happy

  • Provided skills training in 13 different areas including: Animal Husbandry (levels 1 and 2), Art, Basketball, Child Care Education, Cooking, Hip Hop, Mixed Martial Arts (levels 1 – 4), Rock Climbing (levels 1 and 2), Sewing, Swimming (levels 1 and 2), Tennis, Youth Fitness, and Zoey’s Room (teaches skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  • As of December 2007, 82.5% (33/40) students participating in the STAR program had missed less than 3 days of school (updated measures will be available in June 2008)
  • As of April 2008, 81% (97/120) student participants had successfully completed skills training in the specific class they participated in
  • As of April 2008, 82% (47/57) of program participants were satisfied with the programming provided by STAR
  • 65% (21/39) of parents completing program questionnaires indicated that students had been more involved at home (i.e. helping with chores, feeding animals, etc.)
  • 85% (177/208) of available program slots have been filled
  • Data collection tools have been developed to determine long-term effects of participation in the STAR program (i.e. involvement in pro-social activities after STAR, continued use of skills learned in STAR, etc.)
  • Over 200 hours have been donated by volunteers in the areas of data collection, instructor observations, instruction time, and program evaluation

Boy with a Belted Galloway

Boy with Belted Galloway

Brianna and David Chopping Onions