Maine Correctional Showroom

New Store Hours:   Wednesday - Sunday 9-5

The Maine Correctional Showroom, located at 608 Roosevelt Trail in Windham, products are manufactured at The Maine Correctional Center which employs approximately 50 inmates, both male and female, in the Industries Program. Contact us at (207) 892-9354

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  • The largest garment shop in the Department provides many of the clothing items inmates wear.
  • The re-upholstery shop is so popular it has a waiting list! To get on the list, call 207-893-7000 and ask for the Upholstery Shop.
  • The Wood Shop, although small, produces many items used within the facility, and contracts with other State agencies to provide items such as storage sheds and furniture.
  • The Women's Center has a single-head embroidery machine which is currently being used to produce gift items. We are hoping to expand this industry to provide contract work for other state agencies.

MCC ShowroomMCC Showroom

Call 207-892-9354 for more information about the Outlet store.