Correctional Officers Honor Roll

Warden Richard Tinker
Maine Department of Corrections

Warden Tinker, of the Maine State Prison, was killed Thursday, May 14, 1863 when an inmate stabbed him in the neck. The convict, who was serving a five year sentence for assault, approached Warden Tinker from behind and without any known cause, stabbed him and severed his carotid artery. Warden Tinker died a few moments later from the wound.

The suspect was immediately taken into custody. He was indicted for murder and plead guilty. He was sentenced to death and executed on June 24, 1864.

Warden Tinker had been the Warden of the Maine State Prison for two years. He had also previously served as the Sheriff of Hancock County and as a Senator in the Maine State Senate.

Officer William A. “Bill” Wood
Maine State Prison

Died on duty 19 November 1996 while performing his official duties in the West Block of the old Maine State Prison in Thomaston Maine.

Bill served proudly on the night watch for nearly 15 years.

Cause of Death- Medical Complications

“Bill you will never be forgotten”

Maine State Prison

Died in uniform on 2 February 2008 in an automobile accident while on her way to work.

Officer Graves was reporting for duty in blizzard like conditions, when she collided with an oncoming vehicle.

“Katherine you will never be forgotten”