BOC Votes

Vote Approved
  1. All counties must provide to the BOC any and all information required by the BOC to reconcile their FY09 audits to what was reported to the BOC Fiscal Agent (FY09 actuals).

  2. All counties shall provide the BOC monthly actuals by the 21st of the following month.

  3. Using the monthly actuals as a basis, counties shall project remaining fiscal year expenditures and revenues as requested by the BOC through its Fiscal Agent.

  4. County compliance with #1, #2, & #3 is a prerequisite to receiving Investment Fund Disbursements from the BOC.

  5. County compliance with #1, #2, & #3 is required before approval of county and regional correctional services budgets.

  6. If a correctional services budget has a projected year-end surplus Investment Fund disbursements will be reviewed by the BOC on a case by case basis.

  7. Investment Fund disbursements for the purpose of boarding-in inmates will continue, consistent with current practices, through the completion of Fiscal Year 2010.

April 21, 2010