Community Outreach & Education

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With the help of the federal and state government and the Maine Department of Education (MEDOE), ConnectME has developed and is beginning to put into place Community Connections, just one part of its overall Technical Assistance Project. This is an outreach program offered through the 107 community-based adult education programs around the state to help Mainers of all ages discover the educational, social, and economic benefits of our state's growing digital infrastructure.

Adult education serves every corner of the state with educators skilled in working with adult learners, attuned to the special needs and learning styles of its customers. To learn more about this program please go to: Community Connections

Another part of the Technical Assistance Project expands the Maine Adult Regional Technology Initiative (MARTI), which provides professional development to adult educators and programs across the state. A new MARTI certificate will be awarded to adult educators and admistrators who complete the two-semester training on how to better integrate technology in teaching and learning.

The project also offers the same intensive training to Literacy Volunteer tutors and staff in the 14 programs providing that important service throughout Maine. The training provided by the MEDOE will create a core of 400 trained teachers who can spread positive learning experiences and sustain training efforts in each program.