Overview of the Grant Process

Some files below are posted in Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Word. Adobe Reader files require the free Adobe Reader software. The Word files require either Microsoft Word or the Word Viewer.

Getting started: determine if yours is an unserved area: Broadband Availability Maps website. Consult the ConnectME Authority Final Adopted Rule (Word), Section 5(C) and 5(D). The application and evaluation process are explained in Section 6(D) of the Rule.

Finding an ISP partner: all applicants must have an internet service provider as a partner when applying for a ConnectME grant. ISPs work closely with ConnectME throughout the granting process. To find ISPs in your area visit the Provider List or the Broadband Availability Maps website.

Before applying: send query letters to every ISP providing service in your county asking if they intend to initiate service within your area in the next year. The most common reason applications are rejected is because providers are in the process of bringing service to a given area.

Filling out the application: in general, your ISP partner will largely fill out the ConnectME Sample Grant Application (PDF) in consultation with your community and with your supporting documents.

Filing the application: a new grant round opens approximately every ten months rather than according to the calendar year. Sign up for the ConnectME newsletter which announces the opening of each round.

Evaluating your application: you can use the Broadband Grant Scoring Guide (PDF) to determine if your application is likely to meet all criteria.

Help: if you require further assistance, please contact ConnectME at: 207-624-9970 or 207-592-0668.

More detailed information and sample filled out document, are available in the Grants Application Toolkit.