Static Map Gallery

Some of the files below are PDF files which require the free Adobe Reader.

The Static Map Gallery is hosted on a server outside of at Visit the site and click Maps for an overview of the available maps, listed on the left hand side of the page.

The gallery offers high density PDFs of layered broadband maps that have been created to address specific needs. You can also request maps constructed around your own needs, for research and business.

For example, your business is considering locating in a Maine town or city. You would like to know if you are in proximity to one or more hospitals as your business is providing support and devices to medical providers. Internet service is necessary and it has to be at least 1.5mb download speed or better—called Tier 1—to allow standard applications such as email, Skypeing, streaming video, etc. You are also interested in locating close to post-secondary educational centers to ensure access to training for your work force. You could go to the map gallery and find, say, a Higher Education (PDF) map in the Miscellaneous Map Products tab on the left or, to evaluate internet service, clicking the Broadband Summit Maps button, then finding the Tier 1 HSA (PDF) map. An example of a hybrid map using location and education would be the Higher Education Map - Dover-Foxcroft Region (PDF).

Other examples of the kinds of maps you can find here are broadband availability by legislative district, by town or community, where fiber optic cable exists, broadband service at every Maine educational institution, and many more. To request a map to be created, visit the gallery at the link above and enter a request.