ConnectME Launches New Website About Broadband Availability in Maine

February 27, 2013

ConnectME, Maine’s Authority on facilitating universal broadband to all Mainers, has launched a re-designed website: focused on informing communities and businesses about broadband services and access in their area. The website offers many valuable resources and features including, a connection speed test, an availability and provider listing, and a grant application guide.

“Our goal is to expand broadband Internet access to the most rural, unserved areas of the State of Maine,” stated Phil Lindley, Executive Director of ConnectME. “Every community, regardless of location, should be provided with an affordable solution.”

The availability and provider listing assists the public in locating the available options for their area and the speed test supplies the ConnectME organization with valuable data that is used to verify where broadband access is currently offered.

The ConnectME Authority also offers a grant program for unserved communities and businesses looking to improve the broadband infrastructure in their area. To date, 100 different grants have been awarded over a six-year period totaling over $8 million with ConnectME covering fully 53% of total project costs.

“The grant program, the workshops and the community outreach have all been a valuable part in achieving such successful results,” commented Lisa Leahy, Associate Executive Director of ConnectME. “Maine is steadily moving in the right direction towards universal availability and a high adoption rate for consumers and businesses across the state.” The new website was created by the ConnectME Authority in partnership with the state’s e-government portal provider, InforME.