ConnectME Authority Receives 55 8th Round Grant Pre-Applications

February 20, 2013

Eighth round grant pre-application letters are now posted on the Authority website. Fifty-five pre-application letters were received, proposing over $3.2 million in grants. Many of the numbers are preliminary and will likely be revised for the full application.The Authority expects to make final awards totaling approximately $1.0 million for this grant round.

We are sharing the pre-application information and letters with existing or incumbent broadband service providers for review, for two purposes. First, to ensure that the area to be served by a proposed project is, indeed, an unserved area with no broadband expansion projects planned by other providers in the near term. Second, to encourage collaboration between providers or other grant applicants that might enable a partnership to provide broadband service more widely or to avoid overlap.

The application package for the eighth grant round should be available by mid-March, with full applications due by mid-April.