ConnectME Authority Broadband Grant Scoring Guide Revised

August 6, 2012

At the most recent ConnectME Authority meeting, members discussed grant request review and scoring process. Each of the scoring categories was reviewed for possible adjustment. For Cost Benefit, two changes were proposed: first, proposals with a per customer grant amount of greater than $2500, should receive zero points, with ten additional points assigned, possibly in a sliding scale approach, if the grant request were to include a match component of 50% or greater. Discussion also included the value of the category with the decision to keep it at 35 points. For Community Support, discussion included recognition that the category is subjective in nature and more consideration should be given to meaningful elements to demonstrate community support. It was suggested that the point value be increased to 20. For Project Scope, this, too, was identified as having a degree of subjectivity. Distinction between unserved and underserved was made and identified as important in project consideration in the future. Members expressed interest in re-ordering the criteria for the category. For Project Value, members suggested using the language in the Authority rule as a basis for this category. This category was recognized as an opportunity for applicants to introduce project elements which may be of significance and which are not incorporated elsewhere in the review criteria. It was suggested that the point value for this category be reduced to 15 point. Revised version of cost scoring guidelines.