ConnectME Authority Broadband Summit 3.0 - April 30, 2013

9:45 – 10:45 am
Health Information Technology Implementation (HIT) Challenges, Solutions and Funding at a Local Level –Maine has received national recognition for efforts to expand the effective use of electronic health records, health information exchange and other technology tools to improve patient care and health outcomes in the state.  HIT will result in higher-quality coordinated care and more people taking an active role in their own health. It's an investment that has and will continue to reap benefits throughout Maine communities.

Presenters:  Dawn Gallagher, Social Services Program Manager, Office of the State Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Maine Department of Health and Human Services; Ralph Johnson, Chief Information Officer, Franklin Community Health Network; David Maxwell, Program Director, ConnectME Authority

10:50 – 11:50am
Municipal Broadband Networks – Broadband networks are essential infrastructure for economic development, public safety, and healthcare. Some underserved communities have taken matters into their own hands and built out local networks. These networks leverage diverse technologies and business models. Representatives from Tilson Technology and Red Zone Wireless will discuss their experience and opinions about municipal networks.
Presenters: Josh Broder, President, Tilson Technology Management; Jim McKenna, President, RedZone Wireless

Presentation - Tilson

Presentation - Red Zone

1:45 – 2:45pm
Gigabit Network Coming To Orono and Old Town – Gigabit Maine Street Internet Network in the Old Town and Orono communities surrounds the University of Maine campus.  Panel members will discuss how this network is bringing people from the public and private sector and the university community together to drive innovation and create economic opportunity. The completed network will give the Maine communities an Internet network as fast as any in the world and be one of the fastest business-residential networks in the United States. 

Presenters: Fletcher Kittredge, CEO, GWI;  Jeff Letourneau, Executive Director, Networkmaine; Geoff Gordon, Council Chair, Town of Orono; David Wight, Economic and Community Development Director, City of Old Town


3:00 – 4:00pm
Overview of RUS Telecom Loan and Grant Programs – Opportunities for federal grants and recent funding formula changes that may benefit Maine will be discussed with a focus on the following programs: Distance Learning / Telemedicine Grant Program, Community Connect Broadband Grant Program, and Farm Bill - Broadband Loan Program.

Presenter: Rob OHara, RUS - Telecom Field Representative, Rural Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture


summit 3

The ConnectME Authoritys duties include expanding the availability of broadband to residents, small business customers, education and enterprise consumers in unserved or underserved areas; continually assess the availability of and need for advanced communications technology infrastructure in unserved or underserved areas within the state; identify and secure federal and other funding sources for broadband or wireless deployment or education and identify opportunities for coordination among providers, consumers and state and local governmental entities, including coordination with the statewide emergency radio network. The ConnectME Authority sponsors Broadband Summits to bring stakeholders together to discuss the importance of broadband growth to Maine.