ConnectME Authority Broadband Summit 1.0 - March 30, 2011

Opening Remarks

Dick Thompson, Principal Consultant T4G

Maine Realizing Broadband Panel

summit 1

Experts in the areas of education, health information technology and economic development spoke to the paramount need for increased broadband resources. Their input will strengthen the conversation and relationship with suppliers of broadband services when moving Maine forward.  

Mainers Accessing Broadband

This panel highlighted access and adoption to the technology and skills needed to ensure Maine’s citizens and businesses leverage their online experience to the fullest extent possible.

Maine's ARRA Broadband Infrastructure

Discussion of Recovery Act funded efforts in deploying new infrastructure to Maine’s most rural and disadvantaged areas of the state. Panelists addressed Rural Utility Service funded DSL build outs and BTOP funded Three Ring Binder middle-mile fiber project and creative last mile solutions.

  • Joshua Broder, General Manager, Maine Fiber Company, Presentation
  • Thomas Murray, Manager, TDS, Presentation
  • Susan Corbett, Chief Executive Officer, Axiom Technologies, Presentation

Strategic Planning

Members of the Sewall Team and the ConnectME Authority responsible for the Broadband Strategic Planning Project discussed project goals and processes. They solicited input from the conference participants as to both process and content. 

  • Clarence Young, Market Lead/Technical Advisor, James W. Sewall; Jeff Letourneau, Executive Director, Networkmaine; Liane Judd, Marketing Research and Public Outreach Lead, Packard Judd Kaye; Phil Lindley, Executive Director, ConnectME Authority, Presentation

Talk Back

What's Next?

ConnectME Authority staff addressed co-location for Broadband Summit 2.0 with the Maine Municipal Technology Conference in the spring of 2012. Non-ARRA recipient vendors expressed interest in participating in future summits. Suggestions included outreach to policy makers for next summit, a regional focus and making it a half day event. Sponsoring a fall event was also menitoned as a 1.5 summit opportunity for follow up to Summit 1.0. Overall, the general consensus was that the event provided an excellent first venue for ARRA recipients to meet and share information regarding the various projects taking place in Maine.