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Children’s Cabinet Vision:

Based upon the belief that children’s needs are best met within the context of relationships in the family and community, our vision for children is focused in three parts:

The value we place on children and youth…

The value we place on families...

The value we place on communities...


In order to achieve our Vision, the Children’s Cabinet has set out as its mission to actively collaborate to create and promote coordinated policies and service delivery systems that support children, families and communities.


To collaborate actively to share resources and remove barriers.

The goal of active collaboration is the first and most important of the six goals of the Children's Cabinet. In his charge, Governor King stressed that collaboration and participation in this group is a part of each Commissioner's job. Frequent contact, active collaboration and leadership to promote this effort are expected. The Children's Cabinet meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Workgroups meet as necessary to work on special initiatives.

To support collaborative initiatives that prevent health and behavioral problems in children and youth.

The committees reporting to the Children's Cabinet are active and productive; in order to keep Cabinet members up-to-date, representatives from the groups give presentations at Cabinet meetings. Through such face-to-face meetings, the Children's Cabinet members become better informed of the inter-agency issues which impact at the operational level and can provide high-level support to these collaborations.

To conduct long range planning and policy development leading to a more effective public and private service delivery system.

A great deal of effort has been put into planning for this goal. The overall approach which has been identified is characterized by the values espoused by the Children's Cabinet: the importance of collaboration, using research as the basis for decision making, sharing resources and clarifying the role of government, the family and community.

The long range goal is for the Children's Cabinet to play a leadership role in planning for a statewide structure made up of a partnership among state agencies, service providers and local communities committed to promoting and supporting the needs of children and families.

To coordinate the delivery of residential and community-based children's services among the agencies.

The Children’s Cabinet is working in conjunction with the Regional Children’s Cabinets and the Children’s Policy Committee to achieve this goal.

To assess resource capacity and allocations.

There are several initiatives underway in Maine related to developing a data base on services to children and families.

To improve policies and programs through the review of specific case examples.

Often the need for collaboration is highlighted by the experiences of specific individuals who "fall through the cracks" in the current system. Recognizing the importance of paying attention to these case examples, the Children's Cabinet schedules time to meet to review cases and to discuss both solutions to the specific case and the implications for policy or systems change. This goal further reinforces the belief that individual children and individual families are at the heart of our efforts.