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Local and Regional Child and Youth-Serving Coalitions

Coalition Mapping Project Summary:

Produce a statewide map and database of local and regional child and youth-serving coalitions; their purpose and funding mechanisms, so the state can consider how to engage them more effectively as partners in seeking shared child/youth outcomes. This Coalition mapping will be maintained as an updatable online tool. Project's desired outcomes for children and youth: With this Coalition Mapping, there are process outcomes that relate to youth outcomes over time.

Process Outcomes include:

  • The Children's Cabinet leadership will have a comprehensive picture and contact list of the various collaboratives working on behalf of Maine children and youth statewide;
  • The Children's Cabinet and other policy and program developers will know the regions in which gaps in coalition supports and effective networking opportunities exist;
  • The Shared Youth Vision Council and its membership will have access to a wide array of coalitions with whom to engage in cross-systems service delivery planning;
  • Local and regional coalitions can identify like-minded groups with which to partner on resource development for direct services to children, youth and families;
  • Schools can identify local or regional prevention or support groups to assist children and families in need.

Child/Youth/Family Outcomes include:

  • Children and youth attend schools that are well-supported by community collaboratives that share and promote common goals for all young people in the community;
  • Child, youth and families can locate and access resources and services quickly;
  • Children, youth and families needs are met more effectively and efficiently.

Opportunities and challenges discovered:

  • Opportunities: In January 2009, the Children's Cabinet rolled out the Shared Youth Vision Council SYV) to pick up where the Children's Growth Council (formerly known as the Task Force on Early Childhood focused on prenatal to age 5 systems supports) leaves off in providing research across public and private stakeholders to recommend improvements in service delivery to school-aged children and youth across the state.

    As this SYV initiative and its action plan emerges, it will be critical to provide this group with the Coalition Mapping tool through which to expand their outreach for addressing gaps in services to school-aged children and youth in need.

    Never before has there been a comprehensive mapping of a variety of coalitions/collaboratives in Maine to support effective, sustained, and flexible change based on the type of strategic plans being developed in these next two years through the Children's Growth Council and the Shared Youth Vision Council (To learn more about the SYV Council please go to: ).
  • Challenges: Although the primary data-collection is complete, some gaps remain in counties where there are fewer resources and geographically vast territory making effective collaboration and communications difficult among and between groups.

    Like other issues and services in Maine, the state's unorganized territories as well as northern counties geography and vast land verse small population poses challenges that are unique to these rural areas. Not surprising is the disparity in numbers of cohesive community coalitions or collaboratives. In order for such groups to be effective in their work, they must bring together representatives from a variety of organizations and groups as well as individuals such as parents and youth. In these large, rural territories, there are fewer organizations, as most exist and are funded based on population, yet transportation is often times impossible and costly.
Working Together for Maine Children and Families