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The Maine Governor's Children's Cabinet Transition Report and Reccommendations

The Maine Governor’s Children’s Cabinet

The Maine Governor’s Children’s Cabinet is chaired by First Lady Karen M. Baldacci and has as its members, the commissioners of the five child-serving state agencies, Education, Health and Human Services, Corrections, Public Safety, and Labor, and the Governor’s policy advisors.

The Children’s Cabinet is committed to policies and programs that ensure every Maine child is:

  • Safe
  • Healthy
  • Well-educated
  • Productive

Three broad areas of focus organize the way in which the Children’s Cabinet approaches policy priorities:

  1. Early Childhood: To create coordinated and humane systems and policies at the state and local level and to ensure quality early childhood services to all young children.

    Learn about Educare Maine: a new public private partnership for investing in young children and their families.
  2. Visit the Maine Humane Early Childhood Systems page for more about what's new in early childhood policy in Maine.
  3. Youth in Transition: To ensure that EVERY youth and young adult, especially those with few assets and high risk, is connected to a permanent home, family, and community through collaborative wrap-around planning partnerships between the Children’s Cabinet agencies, families and communities.

    Learn more about the Shared Youth Vision Council
  4. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), which links adverse experiences in childhood - such as abuse, alcoholism in the family, mental illness, etc. - to adverse health outcomes as the child becomes an adult.

    In understanding the research behind ACE, the Children's Cabinet seeks to foster conditions that:
    1. Prevent, to the extent possible, such trauma in childhood;
    2. Minimize the impact of traumatic experiences and events; and
    3. Strengthen the resiliency of children, families, and communities in dealing with trauma
Working Together for Maine Children and Families