Streamlining Task Force Meeting 10/28/2011


9:00 a.m.
Streamline and Prioritize Core Government Services Task Force
Room 228 State House

  1. Introductions
  2. Review of Minutes of October 6, 2011 Meeting
  3. Information Technology Presentations
  4. Presentation and Discussion of Agency Proposals

    10:00 12:00

    1:00 4:00

    • Natural Resource Agencies Agriculture (AGR), Conservation (CON) additional savings offered, Environmental Protection (ENV), Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (INL), Marine Resources (MAR)
    • Department of Education, Higher Education and the Maine Public Broadcasting Corporation - discussion of tabled items
    • Cultural Agencies Arts Commission (ARV), Cultural Affairs Council (CUA), Historic Preservation Commission (HIV), Historical Society (HIY), State Library (LIB) and Museum (MUS)
    • Grant Agencies Maine Development Foundation (DEU), Disability Rights Center (DIW), Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research and Education (DOW), Foundation for Blood Research (FOU), Maine Hospice Council (HOQ), Maine State Housing Authority (HOV), Maine Humanities Council (HUN), Centers for Innovation (INN), Municipal Bond Bank (MUO), Pine Tree Legal Assistance (PIT), Saco River Corridor Commission (SAC), St. Croix International Waterway Commission (STC) and New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (WAT)
    • Other Agencies Attorney General (ATT), Economic and Community Development (ECC), Governmental Ethics and Election Practices (ETH), Executive Department (EXE), State Planning Office (EXS), Maine Fire Protection Services Commission (FIP), Human Rights Commission (HUL), Labor (LAB), Property Tax Review Board (PRY), Public Safety (PUS), Secretary of State (SEC) and Treasurer of State (TRE)
  1. Other Topics for Discussion
  2. Next Meeting Dates and Agendas
  3. Adjournment

Agency Streamlining Proposals

Agency Proposal Summary (PDF, 38KB)

Office of Information Technology Proposals (PDF, 38KB)

Executive Branch Technology Savings from Position Eliminations (MS-Word, 35KB)

Department of Corrections Proposals (PDF, 212KB)

Board of Corrections Proposal (PDF, 68KB)

Department of Agriculture Proposal (MS-Word, 47KB)

Department of Conservation Proposal Revised to add FY12 Savings (MS-Word, 38KB)


OIT Streamlining Presentation (PDF, 36KB)

Meeting Handouts

Natural Resource Agency Budget Summaries (PDF, 10KB)

Cultural Agency Budget Summaries (PDF, 13KB)

Grant Agency Budget Summaries (PDF, 15KB)

Other Agency Budget Summaries (PDF, 12KB)

The above documents may require the free Adobe Reader, the PowerPoint Viewer, the Microsoft Excel or the free Excel Viewer; Microsoft Word or the Word Viewer.