Department Listing


Administrative & Financial Services Mary Doughty
Agriculture, Department of

Scott Woods

Arts Commission, Maine Melissa Winchenbach
Atlantic Salmon Commission Scott Woods
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Scott Woods
Attorney General Mary Doughty
Audit, Dept of Mary Doughty
Baxter State Park Authority Scott Woods
Behavorial & Developmental Services, Dept of Human Services Jenny Boyden
Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine Marietta Wheeler
Children's Trust Fund, Board of the Jenny Boyden
Conservation, Department of Scott Woods
Corrections, Board of Scott Woods
Corrections, Department of Scott Woods
Cultural Affairs Council, Maine Melissa Winchenbach
Defense & Veterans Services Melissa Winchenbach
Maine Development Foundation Marietta Wheeler
Dirigo Health

Jenny Boyden

Disability Rights Center Jenny Boyden
Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research Scott Woods
Energy Conservation Board, Maine Melissa Winchenbach
Economic & Community Development Marietta Wheeler
Education, State Board of Lisa Wilson
Education, Department of Lisa Wilson
Efficiency Maine Trust Melissa Winchenbach
Environmental Protection, Department of Scott Woods
Ethics & Election Practices, Commission on Melissa Winchenbach
Executive (Governor's Office & Blaine House) Mary Doughty
Executive: Public Advocate Melissa Winchenbach
Finance Authority of Maine Marietta Wheeler
Foundation for Blood Research Jenny Boyden
ME EDU Ctr Deaf & Hard of Hearing & Gov. Baxter's School for the Deaf Lisa Wilson
Harness Racing Promotional Board Marietta Wheeler
Health Data Organization, Maine Jenny Boyden
Historic Preservation Commission, Maine Melissa Winchenbach
Historical Society, Maine Melissa Winchenbach
Hospice Council, Maine Jenny Boyden
Housing Authority, Maine Marietta Wheeler
Human Rights Commission Mary Doughty
Health & Human Services, Department of Jenny Boyden
Humanities Council, Maine Melissa Winchenbach
Indigent Legal Services Mary Doughty
Indian Tribal State Commission Mary Doughty
Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Department of Scott Woods
Centers for Innovation Marietta Wheeler
Judicial Mary Doughty
Labor, Department of Marietta Wheeler
Law & Legislative Reference Library, Maine Mary Doughty
Legislature, Maine Mary Doughty
Library, Maine State Melissa Winchenbach
Lobster Promotion Council, Maine Marietta Wheeler
Marine Resources, Department of Scott Woods
Maine Maritime Academy Lisa Wilson
Combat Sports Authority of ME (Mixed Martial Arts) Marietta Wheeler
Municipal Bond Bank, Maine Mary Doughty
Museum, Maine State Melissa Winchenbach
Pine Tree Legal Assistance Scott Woods
Maine Potato Board Marietta Wheeler
Professional & Financial Regulation, Department of Marietta Wheeler
Program of Evaluation & Government Accountability, Office of Mary Doughty
Property Tax Review, State Board of Mary Doughty
Public Broadcasting Corp., Maine Melissa Winchenbach
Public Safety, Department of Mary Doughty
Public Utilities Commission Melissa Winchenbach
Retirement System, Board of Trustees Mary Doughty
Rural Development Authority Marietta Wheeler
Saco River Corridor Commission Scott Woods
Secretary of State Melissa Winchenbach
St. Croix International Waterway Commission Scott Woods
State House Preservation & Maintenance, Reserve Fund for Mary Doughty
Maine Community College System Lisa Wilson
Transportation, Department of Melissa Winchenbach
Treasurer of the State Mary Doughty
University of Maine System Lisa Wilson
Maine's Veterans Homes, Board of Trustees Jenny Boyden
NE Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission Scott Woods
Workers' Compensation Board Marietta Wheeler