Budget Orders

Budget Order Memo - from Ryan Low, Former Commissioner DAFS - 10/14/2008

Budget Order Procedures - Memorandum from Former State Budget Officer, Ellen Schneiter - 10/24/2007

Reminder - The Budget Office will not process budget orders during the first month of a new quarter.

Budget orders are processed each Friday during the second and third months of quarters two-four. Budget orders will not be processed during a week in which Friday falls on a holiday (unless the BFMS Budget Administrator makes the determination to process budget orders on a different day). The Budget Office will process budget orders during the first month of a new quarter if an emergency or other unplanned event has occurred that requires the allotment to be available for the month, and if the accompanying explanation demonstrates that budget planning, evaluation and control is in operation at the department/agency level. Budget orders received in the Budget Office after noon on Thursday may not be processed until the following week.

Preparing Budget Orders in BFMS - Instructions for preparing Budget Orders using the Budget and Financial Management System.

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