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Change Package to LD 1903 - 2012-2013 Supplemental Budget
March 30, 2012
Part Description
A Supplemental Appropriations and Allocations
B Reclassifications
C EDU - GPA. Revises FY 12 GPA allocation and FY 13 GPA allocation to reflect updated appropriation levels
D EDU/EXE/IF&W/LAB - Original language made several positions unclassified. Amendment removes Inland Fisheries and Wildlife position, clarifies that Director of the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation position becomes unclassified when it next becomes vacant and makes a technical change for the Department of Education positions in Title 20-A.
J ADM/MePERS - This Part, which clarified provisions for the payment of health insurance costs for state employees and teachers who have retired as the result of a disability, was pulled because the provisions were enacted in PL 2011, chapter 540
K ADM/TRE - Adds accounts that are allotting funds to pay for death benefits for law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical services persons to those financial orders exempted from the 30-day wait provision (original language was municipal revenue sharing accounts only).
M ADM - This Part, which related to the payment of death benefits, is being pulled because the intent is now covered in Part K
N ADM - Removes the proposed transfer of $100,000 from the Fund for the Efficient Delivery of Local and Regional Services to the General Fund in FY 12 as these savings were captured in LD 1870
O ENV - This Part which proposed to rename 3 bureaus within the Department of Environmental Protection as well as the titles of the directors of the bureaus is being pulled as the department has decided not to go forward with this proposal at this time
V HUM - Removes the proposed lapsing of $80,904 from unencumbered balances in Personnel Services in Riverview and $228,852 from GF unencumbered balances in PS in Dorothea Dix GF accounts to the GF in FY 12 as these savings were captured in LD 1870
AA ETH - This Part reduces the amount transferred from the Maine Clean Elections Fund to the General Fund by $200,000 in FY 12 (from $1.5M to $1.3M) based on a recalculation of funding needs by the Governmental Ethics staff
PP ADM/MRS - This Part, which lapsed $450,000 to GF from Maine Revenue Services Internal Service Fund account in FY 12, is pulled as these savings were captured in LD 1870
VV ADM - This Part reduces the amount of Fund For a Healthy Maine funding proposed to lapse to the General Fund in fiscal year 12 by $2,000,000, from $3,858,368 to $1,858,2368. It also adds a provision that authorizes the State Budget Officer to adjust allocations in accordance with Title 22, section 1511, subsection 12 if necessary to achieve these savings.
WW PUS - Further clarifies circumstances for removal of the State Fire Marshal from office by eliminating the "for cause" provision.
XX ADM - Reduces the amount of unexpended Personnel Services savings that would lapse to the GF rather than to the Salary Plan by $600,000 in 2011-12 (from $6.6M to $6M) as the $600,000 savings was captured in LD 1870
YY AGR - Pulls the section of this Part that lapse $300,000 from the unencumbered balance of Maine Farms for the Future account to the General Fund in FY 12 as these savings were captured in LD 1870
BBB ADM/MRS - This Part replaces the original language with similar language that exempts from Maine income tax active duty military pay earned outside of Maine for service performed pursuant to written orders during tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2014
GGG ADM - This Part adjusts the interfund advance from Other Special Revenue Funds to the General Fund unappropriated surplus required for one day at the end of fiscal year 2011-12 from $91 million to $91.6 million based on changes made in other Parts of the change package.
HHH ADM - This Part revises the original language that allowed any General Fund balances remaining in the Debt Service-Government Facilities Authority program to be carried forward for use in the next fiscal year to instead authorize, for fiscal year 2011-12 only, that any such balances be transferred to the Capital Construction/Repairs/Improvements program in DAFS
III ADM - This Part amends the authorization of the State Budget Office to calculate the savings from a decrease in Service Center charges and transfer the savings to General Fund accounts to FY 13 only, as the savings attributable to FY 12 were captured in LD 1870
JJJ FIO - This Part removes the provision to increase the amount the Finance Authority of Maine is required to transfer from the Loan Insurance Reserve Fund to General Fund undedicated revenue in fiscal year 2011-12 as these savings were captured in LD 1870
LLL ECC - This new Part relates to military base redevelopment and requires that 80% of the captured assessed value derived from the redevelopment of a base be applied to authorized project costs. It also requires the legislative body of a municipality or plantation enter into an contractual agreement with an authority created by the Legislature to administer related activities.
MMM HUM - This new Part requires that any remaining funds in the Department of Health and Human Services, Mental Health Services Community program appropriated for rental assistance and shelter services be carried forward.
NNN DEF - This new Part authorizes the State Controller to transfer up to $1,000,000 from the Budget Stabilization Fund to the Dept. of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management to allow the department to fulfill its responsibilities under the emergency management assistance compact or the International Emergency Management Assistance Compact.
OOO UNI- This new Part reduces the amount of funding required to be provided to the University of Maine System in its baseline budget for debt service to support a 10-year revenue bond
PPP CON/ENV - This new Part provides transition provisions for 2 positions being transferred from the Department of Conservation to the Department of Environmental Protection in Part A of the bill