Governor's 2010-2011 Biennial Budget Recommendations

Available in PDF format
(PDF format requires the free Adobe Reader to view)


Change Package - May, 2009


Change Package - March, 2009


Proposed Biennial Budget - January, 2009

There are two different budgets one for the General Fund and one for the Highway Fund. You can access both budgets by opening files on this page.

Each budget is presented in 4 pieces or 4 different files. The General Fund budget is made up of 3 PDF or Adobe files and one Word document. The 3 PDF files are:

  • Part A this is the largest Part and includes most of the spending recommendations. The layout of the document is specified by law and can be confusing, but the information is grouped by department and program.
  • Part B this Part contains only requests for what are referred to as self-funded employee position reclassifications.
  • Fiscal Note Summarizes the impact of the budget recommendations on the states General Fund as well as Federal Expenditures and other funds.
  • Language the 4th file is a Word document and contains the language section of the budget document. This file has a companion file, which contains a Table of Contents for the language section.