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Information for Graduates of Foreign Nursing Programs (other than Canada) - Practical Nurses (LPN)

(As of January 1, 2003, Maine is no longer a
"walk-through" state for endorsements)

Licensing requirements for the practice of nursing are established individually by each state.

Applicants who are graduates of approved nursing education programs not located in the United States of America must meet the following requirements for Maine licensure:

  • completion of an approved 4 year high school course of study or its equivalent,
  • completion of a prescribed curriculum in an approved nursing education program preparing graduates for licensure as practical nurses and hold a diploma therefrom,
  • have been duly licensed by examination in their own countries, and have passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX®) for practical nurses, and
  • have been issued a U.S. Social Security number (which can be obtained at a Social Security Administration office).

In order for the Board of Nursing to determine your eligibility to become licensed in Maine, the procedure is as follows:

  1. submit a completed notarized application including U.S. Social Security number and the required application fee in U.S. currency,

    We now accept Visa/MasterCard!
    (Please print this page and include it with your application.)

    Please provide the following:

    CREDIT CARD # _______________________________

    CREDIT CARD EXPIRATION: (mm/yy)___/___





    Click here for the LPN/LVN application (pdf document)

  2. request your school of nursing send directly to our office an official transcript of your student final record, in English, showing theory and correlated clinical experience,
  3. request the licensing authority from your country where you wrote your licensing examination send verification of your original practical nursing license directly to our office.

    Click here for the Maine verification form (pdf document)

You may not be employed as a practical nurse in Maine until all licensure requirements have been completed and approved by the Maine State Board of Nursing.