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Maine Leadership Institute



Preparing Managers to Lead


                       Leadership Competencies



The Maine Leadership Institute, with emphasis on the ten core competencies, is a three-day experience designed to prepare managers in state government to become leaders. It is the beginning of a comprehensive approach, under the umbrella of the Maine Management Service that will ensure managers in state government have the skills they need to excel in today’s fast-paced, results-oriented world.


The program provides managers with an opportunity to reflect on who they are as a leader; to practice and experiment with new ideas and skills; to build relationships with other leaders in state government; and to take yet another step down the path of growing and developing as a leader.


State government is wide and varied in its demands of leaders. Managers possess many of the competencies needed, but others may need to be strengthened. Through the use of 360° assessment instruments, the Institute helps managers define their strengths and identify areas for personal and professional development.


While the journey that participants begin at the Institute is a personal one, it has tremendous implications for state government, the citizens of the state, a manager’s peers and the people who work for him or her.


Goals of Maine Leadership Institute

Day One

• Understand the State of Maine Leadership Competency Model

• Identify the differences between management vs. leadership vs. governance

• Discuss leadership and how it applies within Maine State Government

• What Effective Leaders Address

• Learn ways to quickly spread messages throughout the organization


Day Two

• Identify the defining moments that have shaped your principles as a leader –your “Leadership Story”
• Highest Standards: what are they and how to apply them?

• Understand the power of vision

• Practice designing paradigm-shifting goals

• Learn ways to create trust and coach others for success


Day Three

• Review profiles from your 360° Leadership Assessment Instruments

• Understand your leadership strengths and development opportunities

• Create an Individual Development Plan

Day Four

• Leading the change: update leadership story
• Fundamental Principle for Change

Peer Faculty


Fundamental to the Maine Leadership Institute is the peer faculty. Some of Maine state government’s top leaders have agreed to facilitate the program and share their leadership experiences. Having been through program themselves and trained to conduct it, these managers bring real-life experience to the instructional materials and case studies.

Recent Comments from Participants' Evaluations



- "I truly enjoyed the three days and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this seminar."

- "I came in with the attitude of - well, here goes another three days of unusable training when I could be at work getting 'things done'.  After the first hour or two, wow - was I wrong - day one and three were powerful and most helpful."

- "Excellent (I can't wait until my Supervisor(s) attend this Institute)."

- "Very informative."

- "Thank you for this - it's a real treasure to be valued and respected."