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What is the Maine Management Service?

The Maine Management Service is a multi-phased initiative for 700 confidential managers and executives (i.e., managers who are excluded from collective bargaining) in Maine State Government.

The broad purpose of the Maine Management Service is to:

The Maine Management Service is designed specifically for confidential management and executive positions in State Government. The Service recognizes the unique nature of management positions and the importance of strong leadership; and provides greater flexibility and responsibility for managers in hiring, employee development, career advancement, and performance management.

Who is included in the Maine Management Service?

What will be the most important features?

How will it be different from traditional civil service?

How will the Maine Management Service be created and administered?

Will the new Civil Service Rules for the Maine Management Service apply to unclassified confidential managers?

Many of the protections in the Civil Service Law and Rules apply only to classified employees. This will not change. However, the following will apply to all MMS members: