Preventing Freeze Up Losses

So far this winter we have been blessed with relatively mild weather.

Keep in mind, however, it is that time of year when dreaded frozen pipes and the water damage that usually follows can occur.

The following tips can help reduce the likelihood of costly and disruptive winter-related claims at both work and home:

Inspect the heating system(s) to ensure proper operation.

Routinely inspect buildings in which the thermostats have been set low or to a minimum.

Check that windows are closed and drafts are stopped.

In the case of a power outage or heating system failure, allow faucets to drip to ward off freezing.

Check weather stripping around exterior doors to prevent heat loss.

Have an emergency plan in place before harsh weather approaches.

Have the name and phone number of a water extraction company readily available should a pipe burst inside a building.

If a loss occurs, call Risk Management immediately at 800-525-1252.

Despite best efforts to prevent pipes from freezing, losses occur. When they do, prompt reaction time can be vital in mitigating damages.

Immediately shut off the water supply and clean up the water in the building.

Do not vacuum up water unless you have a wet/dry vacuum.

Take all reasonable measures to protect the property from further damages.

Move items in danger of getting wet to a safe dry location.

Retain receipts for any equipment you may have to rent.

Keep in mind that dampness leads to mold and mildew and generally losses due to fungus are not covered.

Report the claim promptly, again our toll free number is 1-800-525-1252.

With some forethought and planning, freeze-related losses can be minimized and often avoided.

Though we cannot control the weather, we can prepare for it!

Photo of ice on side of a tall building

Water damage from freeze up losses can be a big headache !