You Wouldn’t Eat Off from a Toilet Seat Would You?


Image of dog drinking out of a toilet

Are you one of the 83% of Americans who typically eat in their office or cubicle?

To save time or money, do you eat breakfast, lunch or snack at your desk?

For many people, multitasking through lunch is just part of an average workday. While you may be getting more done, are you making yourself and your co-workers sick? Studies reveal that desks carry 100% more bacteria than kitchen tables and 400% more pathogens than toilet seats. Ugh.

Take this simple test:

__ Yes __ No Do you see crumbs, dust between the keys on your keyboard?
__ Yes __ No Are there coffee stains, crumbs, dirty tissues around your desk?
__ Yes __ No Do others sometimes use the same phone as you use?
__ Yes __ No Are you responsible for keeping your own desk clean?

If you answered YES, read on...

In the office, the “germiest” items are the phone and desktop followed by the computer keyboard and mouse. Germs are easily transferred to and from our hands to our noses, mouths and eyes because adults on average touch their faces 16 times an hour. (Do you have children or work with children? Children touch their faces 80 times an hour on average.) In a 2011 survey, only 36% of people surveyed said they clean their work area once a week and 64% do it once a month or less. No one surveyed reported cleaning it daily!


Regularly sanitizing desk surfaces with disinfecting wipes has been shown to reduce sick days of office workers by 30%. Frequent use of hand sanitizer and regularly cleaning desks, phones, keyboards and computer mice is a must. Spread the word instead of germs!

And, of course, you could stop eating at your desk.