Keys, Keys and Accessories.

image of keys

Take a look at the key ring you are using to hold your ignition key. How many other keys are hanging there? Do you have charms, flashlight or can opener on the ring? A hanging lanyard, or a flash drive with important information? It’s amazing how many of us use our key ring as a place to collect mementos and other gadgets we are fond of or want to have immediate access to. Key chains have become a bulky accessory lately, almost an art form!

Unfortunately, these bulky collections of keys and other stuff are a cause for concern. Heavy keys have been blamed for damage to the vehicle’s ignition system. They can be a safety problem if they get caught on a coat or clothing. Because they are bigger and bulkier they may be more easily stolen. You may also have a security risk to consider if you lose your key ring with a flash drive or other personal information attached.

Having a large and heavy key ring may make it easier to find in your purse or pants pocket, but there is a critical down side for your car. Over time, that heavy key ring swaying to and fro from your ignition will wear down the tumblers in the lock and could cause problems with starting your car. The worst case scenario is when your car won’t start at all. Think of your own front door in your home. The key inserts in the lock and turns the tumblers inside until the lock is released. If the tumblers wear down or become damaged in some way, your key is simply not going to work.

The best way to solve this potential problem is to keep your ignition key on a ring detachable from your other keys and paraphernalia. That way when you get in your vehicle you can simply detach the key for use while you are driving. More and more vehicles today use the remote keys, but if you still have to put your key in an ignition slot, be mindful of the weight of your key ring and the possible damage it can cause. The cost to replace your ignition switch is not cheap, but something you can easily avoid.

You should also check and see where your key ring or lanyard hangs when the keys are placed in the ignition, could your leg become entangled in it and create a hazard while driving? Could your knee or leg hit the keys and turn off your car while you are in motion? If you were to slam on the brakes would your knee jab painfully into your keys? What about when you try to get out of your car in a hurry, can you see a problem?