Information security and the internet.

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Do you post information on the internet from work or at home?

Do you ever upload videos or photos to any of the many web sharing sites such as YouTube or MySpace?

Do you maintain or manage a website at work, at home or as part of club or organization?

Do you use software which allows you to update or add to web pages to the internet such as Adobe Contribute or other similar software?

If you answered YES to any of these, please read on.

The first thing you should know is that there are laws protecting most every individual's identity and personal information. To avoid violating privacy laws, you should carefully consider the posting of any personal information such as addresses, phone numbers as well as videos and photos. You really should not post any such information unless you have a legal right to do so or you have written permission from the person whom the information, videos or photos is about.

Keep in mind that while posting videos of yourself, your friends, your coworkers or your family can be fun and exciting, you never know who will end up seeing it on the web. You should realize that information posted on the web could end up on the front page of the local newspaper, hit the list of top most viewed web sites or be viewed by a potential future employer.

When posting photos and videos, make sure anything you post does not contain images that could reveal private information about a person or persons. Watch out for things in the background like license plate numbers on cars or images of homes and neighborhoods which might accidentally reveal information that could be used to harm or harass someone.

The web has literally MILLIONS of viewers every day and just like in the real world, most of the people are good, but some aren't. So please take care to protect yourself and others by the careful, considerate and legal posting of information, videos or photos.