Donee Viewing

Maine State Agency for Surplus Property
85 Leighton Road
Augusta, ME 04333

Phone: 287-2923
Fax: 287-3640

Official Notice of Policy Change

Effective Immediately, the State of Maine will no longer allow the purchasing of any auction item by a donee after the date of the Donee Viewing and Donee Auction. The change is being made to reduce staff and advertising costs associated with preperation for the auction.

Donees will be allowed to send in a silent bid submitted on their organizations letterhead. The bid must be received by 1:00pm on the day of the Donee viewing and Donee auction. Please clink link to view full details of the policy change. Official Notice of Policy Change Donee Absentee Bid Form.

Donee Auction Yard Access Policy Change

Emergency Sale Policy for Auction Property

Effective immediately, the State of Maine will require independent third party verification of the need and the status of the item being replaced. This could come from a newspaper article describing the loss of the equipment due to a catastrophe or an appraiser hired by the donee. This third party verification will be at the cost of the donee. If the State of Maine verifies that a donee has falsified documents or statements, the donees status will be revoked and they could face a permanent ban.

If a donee submits an emergency request for a specific item by model number that they have been advised is available by someone other than State Surplus Property, and there are other similar items available, those requests will be denied.

Emergency sales will be allowed up to the week prior to the donee viewing date. No emergency sales will be allowed the week of donee viewing.

Criteria for emergencies would be the loss or a critical need of a vehicle or equipment which has an immediate and substantial impact on public safety and health.

Emergency Form

The form above must be submitted to the Manager of Surplus Property for evaluation and subsequent approval/denial. The request must be submitted by the Chief Administrator, Executive Head, or Governing Board Official designated on the Surplus Property approved application for eligibility.

We recommend you check the auction list to ensure your item(s) are available for purchase on the donee viewing day. You are welcome to contact us at 287-5753 to confirm availability.

DATE: March 26, 2015
1:00 - 2:00 P.M.

1813. Rules and Regulations

The Director of the Bureau of General Services, with the approval of the Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services, may adopt, modify or abrogate rules for the following purposes: (1991, c. 780, Pt.Y, 6S (amd).)

6. Surplus Property. Providing for transfer of supplies, material and equipment that are surplus from one state department or agency to another that may need them, and for the disposal by private and public sale of supplies, materials and equipment that are obsolete and unusable. Political subdivisions, educational institutions or qualifying nonprofit organizations, as defined in Section 1813-A, must be given an opportunity to purchase the surplus items through private sale. If two (2) or more political subdivisions, educational institutions or qualifying nonprofit organizations are interested in any item, the sale must be the result of competitive bid. Any equipment so purchased must be retained for a period of at least one year in a current ongoing program. Any item purchased by a political subdivision, educational institution or qualifying nonprofit organization under this section may not be sold or transferred by that political subdivision, educational institution or qualifying nonprofit organization for a period of six (6) months from the date of the private sale and the State reserves the right to refuse to sell additional equipment to a political subdivision, educational institution or qualifying non profit organization if it is determined that the political subdivision, educational institution or qualifying nonprofit organization has not retained the equipment for the required period of six months.

(1991,c.418,&1 (amd).)

Donees are subject to unannounced compliance checks to ensure the property is being utilized for its intended purpose.

Transit Plates are not available at the Donee Viewing.


2015 Donee Viewing Dates: March 26, June 4, July 30, September 24, November 23(Monday)