About Us

The State of Maine's Bureau of General Services (Title 5, Sections 1725A et seq., 1741 et seq., 1781 et seq., and 1811 et seq.) provides a wide variety of functions in support of state government and public improvements.

The Bureau administers the design and construction of State facilities, including selection of architects and engineers, bidding of construction projects, selection of construction managers and construction administration, as well as oversight of public school construction. Energy efficiency, air quality, master planning, historic preservation and space efficiency are key factors in this process.

The Bureau also manages state contracting and the procurement of goods and services on behalf of state agencies. In addition, the Bureau operates a centralized fleet management center (excluding Departments of Transportation and Public Safety vehicles), a centralized warehouse system for distribution of high use items, a postal system for delivery and posting of mail, and the redistribution and sale of surplus state and federal property.

The Bureau maintains State-owned facilities in the Augusta area, providing custodial services and furnishing electricians, carpenters, painters, plumbers, HVAC and grounds personnel, and managing the procurement of and use of leased space by state agencies. Self-insurance and risk mitigation services to state agencies and higher education (Community Colleges and University System) are also provided by the Bureau.