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Dear Maine citizens:

You can help improve efficiency and eliminate waste in our State government by reporting incidents of suspected fraud, waste, inefficiency or abuse to me, the Maine State Auditor. While I will not take anonymous complaints, I am authorized to keep your identity confidential under Maine law. Please give me the important details. I have developed a web-based report form for your use.  You can complete and submit it on-line any time electronically; print and complete a blank form and mail or fax it yourself; or call us during public hours, M-F, 8 to 4, to report by telephone. If possible, use email, fax or U.S. mail, because we have limited staff to answer phones.

Be sure to let us know how to contact you for further information. Our form should guide you to give us the facts needed to investigate appropriately, but it's hard to design a form that fits every situation. We may need specific details that don't fit a general form.

We will refer any criminal complaint to appropriate authority, either the Attorney General or a District Attorney, but will attempt to assess the financial impact of the situation with our professional expertise. We will refer matters of ineffectiveness and inefficiency to the Legislative Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability. Please understand that we may need time to investigate. Proper analysis of the situation and financial impact is important to me.

As State Auditor, I am responsible for reporting the nature of the complaint and other facts to the Governor and for publishing the report on this website. I will also publish a semiannual report to the Governor and the Legislature. Thank you for helping preserve our state government resources.


Pola Buckley

To report fraud, abuse, or other improper or illegal acts us the on-line complaint form or send E-mail to:

Email to:

US Mail:

Maine State Auditor

66 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0066

TELEPHONE: (207) 624-6250

(Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4pm, no State holidays)

FAX: (207) 624-6273

Important Guidelines for Reporting Suspected Fraud

Online Fraud Complaint Form

State Auditor Fraud Hotline Law

Employee Whistleblower Protection Act

You may send questions or comments to:

Last updated July 29, 2013