Transfer Tax Form and Instructions

The transfer tax form, also known as the "Declaration of Value" is now available as a PDF "fillable" form available with instructions by clicking on the links below or you may print a copy of the blank form from the link below.

Transfer Tax Form

Transfer Tax Form Instructions (html version) (pdf version)

Supplemental Form

The new one page format will enable us to to image and collect extra data necessary to conduct our annual state valuation of each municipality.

Title 36 §4641-D. Declaration of value

Except as otherwise provided in this section, any deed, when offered for recording, and any report of a transfer of a controlling interest must be accompanied by a statement or declaration prepared in duplicate and signed, subject to the penalties of perjury, by the parties to the transaction or their authorized representatives, declaring the value of the property transferred and indicating the taxpayer identification numbers of the grantor and grantee. The statement or declaration with regard to a transfer by deed must include evidence of compliance with section 5250-A and reference to the appropriate tax map and parcel number unless no tax map exists that includes that property, in which event the declaration must indicate that no appropriate tax map exists. The exceptions to the foregoing are the following:

1. Governmental conveyances. Any conveyance by or to the United States of America, the State of Maine or any of their instrumentalities, agencies or subdivisions. For purposes of this subsection, only governmental entities are exempt from the requirement to file a declaration;

2. Mortgage. Any mortgage or mortgage discharge;

3. Partial release of mortgage. Any partial release of a mortgage deed;

4. Deed affecting previous deed. Any deed which, without additional consideration, confirms, corrects, modifies or supplements a previously recorded deed;

5. Deed dated prior to October 1, 1975 . Any deed dated or acknowledged prior to October 1, 1975 , and offered for recording after that date; and

6. Deed of distribution. Any deed of distribution made pursuant to Title 18-A.

If the transfer is declared not subject to the tax, the reason therefor shall be stated.

The declaration must be in a form prescribed by the State Tax Assessor, who shall provide an adequate supply of such forms to each register of deeds in the State. The State Tax Assessor shall prescribe a form for the declaration of value with regard to transfers of controlling interests subject to tax under this chapter.