Employment Tax Returns - 2005 *

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Employment Tax Returns - 2005 *

Withholding Allowance Variance Certificate

Withholding tables instructions

941ME Filing for income tax withholding

Schedule 2 -- Income Tax Withholding Listing Page

Instructions for 941ME

941/C1-ME Combined filing for income tax withholding and unemployment contributions

Schedule 2/C1 -- Wage/Withholding listing page for form 941/C1-ME

Instructions for 941/C1-ME

941/C1C-ME Name and address change form

941A-ME Amended return of income tax withheld

C1A-ME Amended return of unemployment contributions

W-3ME Annual reconciliation of income tax withheld

*This is not a complete listing of unemployment contributions forms. If a form is not listed here, visit the Department of Labor's web site or call 207-621-5120 to obtain it.