Maine Online Sportsman's Electronic System (MOSES)MOSES

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The Maine Online Sportsman's Electronic System (MOSES) is an exciting and innovative way for sports enthusiasts to purchase licenses and registrations from their local Inland Fisheries and Wildlife agents, or even from the comfort of their home. MOSES will be simple, fast and reliable, offering improved services and streamlined fulfillment.

MOSES is a live database, which means that as information is entered into it, the data is captured and available for retrieval. Once a hunter or fisherman is in the system, the information will be available for purchasing additional authorizations, registering recreational vehicles, and for simple look-ups. The information can be accessed at any MOSES agent location.

For instance, let's say you purchase your hunting license at your town office, but then decide to purchase a fishing license while spending the weekend on a problem! Any MOSES agent, municipality or business, can look up your information in the system and update your authorizations. If a license has been lost or destroyed, it can be replaced quickly and easily at any MOSES agent location without delay.

Sports enthusiasts will be able to purchase their own hunting and fishing licenses from any computer with a connection to the Internet by visiting the MOSES website. Similar to other online stores, MOSES will use a shopping cart and checkout system for credit card orders. Once the transaction is complete, the licenses and authorizations can be printed using a standard printer and plain paper. If you prefer to pay with cash or check, visit the local Inland Fisheries and Wildlife agent to complete your purchases.