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Apprenticeship Trapping License

1. A resident or nonresident who is 16 years of age or older who has never held a valid trapping license or junior trapping license in this State, or any other state, province or country, is eligible to obtain an apprentice trapping license.

2. A person may be issued an apprentice trapping license only once.

3. A person is eligible to obtain an apprentice trapping license without having successfully completed a trapper education course.

4. An apprentice trapping license expires on June 30th.

5. A resident apprentice trapping license is $35.

6. A nonresident apprentice trapping license is $317.

7. A holder of an apprentice trapping license may not trap other than in the presence of a supervising person at least 18 years of age who holds a valid Maine trapping license. The supervisor must have held a valid trapping license for 3 consecutive years to be qualified to supervise a holder of an apprentice license. A junior trapping license is considered a valid trapping license for the purposes of qualifying as an apprentice trapping supervisor. A supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the holder of an apprentice license follows safe and ethical trapping protocol as well as all trapping laws. “In the presence of” means in visual and voice contact without the use of visual or audio enhancement devices, including binoculars and citizen band radios.

8. The holder of an apprentice trapping license is not eligible to obtain a bear trapping permit.

9. If a person buys an apprentice trapping license and then subsequently passes a trapping education course, they may contact IF&W headquarters to exchange their apprentice trapping license for a regular adult trapping license at no cost. They would then be able to trap on their own in the same manner as anyone else who holds a valid adult trapping license.