Maine Lake Survey Maps - Franklin County

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Body of Water Alternate Name Location
Arnold Pond   Coburn Gore
Ballard Pond   Farmington
Barnard Pond   Eustis
Beal Pond Trout Pond Madrid
Beattie Pond   Lowell Town Twp.
Beaver Mountain Lake Long Pond Sandy River Plt.
Beaver Pond   Seven Ponds Twp.
Beaver Pond   Township D
Blanchard Pond   Alder Stream Twp.
Boundary Pond   Beattie Twp.
Boundary Pond (South)   Massachusetts Gore
Bug Eye Pond   Chain of Ponds, Kibby Twps.
Caribou Bog   Chain of Ponds Twp.
Chain of Ponds   Chain of Ponds Twp.
Chase Pond   Jim Pond Twp.
Clearwater Pond   Industry
Cloutman Pond   Rangeley
Cow Pond   Lang Twp.
Crosby Pond   Coburn Gore
Crowell Pond   Chesterville
Day Mountain Pond   Avon
Dodge Pond   Rangeley
Douglas Pond   Kibby Twp.
Drury Pond   Temple
Dutton Pond Shiloh Pond Kingfield
Eddy Pond   Sandy River Plt.
Egypt Pond   Chesterville
Felows Pond   Chesterville
Flatiron Pond   Davis Twp.
Gammon Pond   Freeman Twp.
Grants Pond   Massachusetts Gore
Greely Pond   Dallas Plt.
Greely Pond (Little)   Dallas Plt.
Greenbush Pond   Jim Pond Twp.
Grindstone Pond   Kingfield
Gull Pond   Dallas Plt.
Haley Pond   Dallas Plt.
Halfmoon Pond   Carthage
Hammond (Little)   Carrabassett Valley
Harvey Pond   Madrid
Hid Pond   Kingfield
Hills Pond   Perkins Twp.
Horseshoe Pond   Chain of Ponds, Coburn Gore Twps.
Horseshoe Pond   Chesterville
Hurricane Pond   Kibby Twp.
Indian Pond   T1R8, Skinner
Island Pond (Big)   Seven Ponds Twp.
Island Pond (Little)   Seven Ponds Twp.
Jim Pond   Jim Pond Twp.
Jim Pond (Little)   Jim Pond Twp.
Johns Pond   Davis Twp.
Jones Pond   Wyman Twp.
Kamankeag Pond   Davis Twp.
Kennebago Lake (Big)   Davis Twp.
Kennebago Lake (Little)   Stetsontown Twp.
L Pond   Seven Ponds Twp.
Ledge Pond   Sandy River Plt.
Lilly Pond   New Vineyard
Locke Pond   Chesterville
Long Cove Pond   Phillips
Long Pond   Seven Ponds Twp.
Long Pond   Township E
Loon Lake   Dallas Plt.
Lufkin Pond   Phillips
Massachusetts Bog   Massachusetts Gore
McIntire Pond   New Sharon
Midway Pond   Sandy River Plt.
Mooselookmeguntic Lake   Rangeley
Mount Blue Pond   Avon
Mountain Pond   Rangeley Plt.
Moxie Pond   Township D
Mud Pond   Township 6 North of Weld
Mud Pond   Jim Pond Twp.
Norcross Pond   Chesterville
North Pond   Chesterville
Northwest Pond   Massachusetts Gore
Northwest Pond (Little)   Massachusetts Gore
Otter Pond   Chain of Ponds Twp.
Parker Pond Parkis Pond or Mirror Lake Jay
Pease Pond   Wilton
Perry Pond   Sandy River Plt.
Pinnacle Pond   Kingfield
Podunk Pond   Carthage
Porter Lake   Strong
Quimby Pond   Rangeley
Rangeley Lake   Rangeley
Redington Pond   Carrabassett Valley
Redington Pond   Redington Twp.
Rock Pond   Sandy River Plt.
Rock Pond   Chain of Ponds Twp.
Ross Pond   Rangeley
Round Pond   Township E
Round Pond   Rangeley
Round Pond   Chesterville
Sabbath Day Pond   Township E
Saddleback Lake   Dallas Plt.
Saddleback Pond   Sandy River Plt.
Sand Pond   Chesterville
Sandy River Pond (Lower)   Sandy River Plt.
Sandy River Pond (Middle)   Sandy River Plt.
Sandy River Pond (Upper)   Sandy River Plt.
Schoolhouse Pond   Avon
Secret Pond   Seven Ponds Twp.
Shallow Pond   Jim Pond Twp.
South Pond Pine Tree Pond Sandy River Plt.
Spencer Pond   Township D
Staples Pond   Temple
Stetson Pond   Phillips
Stratton Brook Pond   Wyman Twp.
Swift River Pond   Township E
Swift River Pond (Little)   Township E
Tea Pond   Jim Pond Twp.
Tea Pond (Little)   Jim Pond Twp.
Tim Pond   Tim Pond Twp.
The Horns Pond   Wyman Twp.
Toothaker Pond   Phillips
Tufts Pond   Kingfield
Tumbledown Pond   Township 6 North of Weld
Twin Island Pond   LowellTown Twp.
Varnum Pond   Temple, Wilton
Webb Lake Weld Lake Weld
Welhern Pond   Eustis
Wilson Pond   Wilton